BraillED lets you easily learn braille on your iOS device.

Explore the braille alphabet in a high contrast app designed specifically for the visually impaired. Audio cues and device vibrations aid in learning.

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We make learning braille easy and fun.

Visually Impaired

We're proud to currently be the only application focusing on teaching braille to the visually impaired.

Out Loud

The introduction features full spoken instructions from your phone and we use speech throughout the learning process to aid the visually impaired.

Getting Started

Don't know a thing about braille? That's fine, we'll explain the grid and concepts to get you started.

Have Fun

We might trick you into thinking you are playing a game with the cool retro sounds, graphics and puzzle solving gameplay that is the braille grid.

Responsible Design

Our high contrast design, large grahpics and ample use of text-to-speech make it as easy as possible to get started.

For Everyone

If you don't want your phone talking to you or vibrating, simply disable those features in the Settings app.

Learning braille
is for everyone

BraillED is not just for the visually impaired. If you ever wanted to learn braille, or just enjoy a good puzzle and want to crack the code, BraillED is a ton of fun!

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Who are we?

We're brothers who enjoy crafting quality and useful iOS and Mac apps.


Chris Brewer

Designer and Creator


Matt Brewer


Want to learn Braille?

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